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MIKI-2432 Automatic Faucet Wall Mount

  • Water Saving: water comes out once your hands approach its sensor eye and stops when you draw your hands back.
  • Hygienic: since hands do not touch faucet to wash, it is convenient, hygienic and able to avoid bacterial mutual-infection effectively.
  • Power Economical: Lithium batteries can last 1 year based on 100 cycles per day.
  • Self-Regulation: it will adjust inducing scope according to the size of basin & using environment to avoid adjusting inducing scope in frequency.
  • Power lack protection: Light flash indicate low battery; Solenoid valve shut off automatically when battery is very weak.
  • Water saving protection: Flow stops automatically when something is still in the sensor area after 60 seconds.

Technical information:
  • Power supply : DC: 6V, Lithium batteries , installed before leaving factory;
    AC: 220v-6v
  • Recognize range : 80mm automatically

Design & specifications may change due to product improvement, no prior notice will be given.