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MIKI-1171 Automatic Urinal Sensor

  • Hygienic the whole rinsing process is done by the flusher itself, clean and efficient. The hands-free feature can keep you free from bacteria infection, especially in busy restrooms.
  • Suitable places it is suitable for ordinary public places.
  • Intelligent it can control its flushing time according to use frequency and duration intelligently, saving water more efficiently.
  • Low power consumption for DC type, Lithium batteries can be used for 1 year at 100 cycles a day.
  • Trap seal protection it will flush automatically every 24 hours if not used to avoid the odor returning once the trap dries.
  • Power optional both AC and battery power are available for your option.

Technical information:
  • Power supply : DC: 6V, Lithium batteries, installed before leaving factory;
  • Power supply : AC: 220v-6v.
  • Recognize range : 35cm
  • Sensor Panel Size : 126 x 126 mm
  • Control Box Size : 200 x 130 x 65 mm

Design & specifications may change due to product improvement, no prior notice will be given.